Get a glamorous look by doing simple makeup for everyday

Get a glamorous look by doing simple makeup for everyday

Journey to look beautiful;

Do you want to look beautiful every day and it is becoming a great problem for you? Are you thinking that which type of makeup you should apply on daily basis that couldn’t affect your skin in any way? So fasten your seat belts as you have landed in the right place. Now I am going to take you on such a wonderful journey that will give you the solution to all your problems.   I’ll tell you the process of simple makeup for every day. Now be relax and feel comfortable knowing about everyday make-up.

Simple everyday makeup:

So let’s start together. I am going to describe the simplest and easiest way of makeup by using simple and pure halal makeup products. You can use these products on your skin without any dilemma.

There’s not a pinch of doubt in this fact that before applying your make up you have to make your skin clean and clear so that it could absorb makeup easily in your daily routine. You can make your skin clean by using a face wash.

Products used in simple makeup for everyday:

Best simple makeup for everyday
best simple makeup for everyday

Eventually, there are many types of face wash available in the market. Firstly you have to choose a face wash that suits you the most to your skin. If you don’t want to use any kind of face wash, then luke  warm water is best to wash your face. Don’t ever think to wash your face with hot water as it’ll open the pores of your face and dryness will bring under skin cells.

Cleansing and scrubbing:

After washing your face whether with a face wash or lukewarm water, now it’s the time to scrub your face. Scrubbing your face with any scrub will remove dirt and dead cells out from your skin. There are many types of scrubs available in the market, e.g; walnut, apple, blueberry, and so many others. Now apply any mask on your face to close your skin pores and to tighten your skin. Scrub helps to make your skin young for a longer time.

Moisturize your skin:

The last step of cleansing your face is to apply a moisturizer on your face. It’ll smooth your skin and prepare your skin for makeup.  Apply moisturizer and wait until it is absorbed in the skin  .

Now your face is completely ready for simple everyday make-up. Therefore you can apply the makeup on your face and get a fresh and modern look.

Natural and simple everyday make up;  

                                       Now the process of natural and simple everyday makeup has started.  After cleansing and moisturizing the face, it’s time to apply makeup to your face.

At the same time take a quick start with foundation. Don’t forget to apply foundation to your neck.  If your skin is extra oily you can use face powder or puff powder on it. You can use BB cream for this purpose as well.

After applying foundation on your face use concealer to hide your under-eye dark circles. At the same time, you can use a primer to highlight the features of your face which you want to.

Eye makeup:  

                        Eye makeup has much importance in simple everyday makeup. You don’t have to give your eyes a smoky look for everyday makeup.  You should use natural colour eye shades for using everyday makeup.

Use eyeliner of charcoal, brown, or navy color to give shape to your eyes equally. Black eyeliner is mostly preferred for night makeup.

Use of mascara in simple everyday makeup:

In addition use mascara to make your eyelashes thick and beautiful. If you don’t like to use mascara in simple everyday makeup use eyelashes curler to curl your eyelashes. It’ll enhance the beauty and glamour of your eyes.

Blush on in simple daily makeup:

                  Furthermore to make your cheeks prominent and give your face an appealing look by using blush on. . You have to apply blush from your jaw bone to the ear lobe. You can use pink shade blush on in simple everyday makeup to get a pinkish look for the whole day.

Lips makeup:  

                           Lastly, you have to use any lip pencil to give a beautifully curved shape to your lips. You can use lipstick and lipgloss too inside your lip liner. Glittery and mac lipsticks and gloss are available in the market. You can buy and use any color according to your dress and choice.

At this stage your face is ready. You can use nail polish for your hands and feet nails to look more glamorous and prominent.

Removing  your everyday makeup:

In last, spending a very tiring day that is full of fatigue, you have to relax your self. Definitely, you would think to remove makeup so that your skin cells can have rest and get ready for the next day. You can remove simple everyday makeup easily with wipes or washing your face with any liquid face wash.


                     In today’s modern life to look fresh is the demand of every profession. You can make yourself fresh and confident by using simple makeup for every day. You can buy all types of makeup products online from our Efloraiden online store.   Come and grab your products with ease and 100% satisfaction.


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