14th August, the day of independence, means freedom day for every Muslim. This day came to the struggle of the great person, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Therefore Pakistan comes in 1947 all Muslims independent nation. Everyone knows all Muslims demand our separate nation-state. Because Muslims nation-states all, humans deserve. Therefore Quaid-e-Azam gives two-nation theory. The two-nation state’s theory is the foundation of Pakistan. Because the big aim of this theory Muslims is to achieve independence and separate country. So independent Muslims celebrate independence day every year. Now, every year special day all, independent Muslims celebrate 14th  August. Therefore every Muslims purchase new dresses, flags, badged. Every Muslim wants to celebrate. This special day and independence day message give to everyone. Therefore independence every Muslim makes brotherhood and makes peace.  14th August day is an important day for every independent people. Because of this day happiness and prayers for our beloved country.


Independence Day reminds the message of Muhammad Ali Jinnah:

Independence Day, the most precious day of Pakistan’s history, remembers the message of the founder of Pakistan. It is a day that throws light on the advice of Muhammad Ali Jinnah. He said, “there is no power on earth that can undo Pakistan. It means that all superpowers or authorities of the world can bow before the unity of the nation. Moreover, the personality of Quaid-e-Azam was the ray of hope for the people. Further, it was his personality that properly guided the Muslims of the subcontinent. From his strong character and firm belief, the dream of Allama Iqbal came true. Pakistan appeared on the map of the world. Every year, on that day, the soil of Pakistan reminds the message of this bright and shining star. So, the Independence Day of Pakistan recalls the message of Muhammad Ali Jinnah that is for the prosperity of his beloved nation.

Independence Day gives the message to the women of Pakistan:

Independence Day of Pakistan demonstrates the importance of women’s energetic attempt in the freedom of Pakistan. This day gives a crucial message to the women that this nation guarantees equal rights for both men and women. Many women participated in the freedom struggle with their men. Fatima Jinnah and Begum Liaquat Ali Khan were at the top rank. Moreover, these role models gave the message to the women that they are not less than men. They equally tried their best to get their goal of Pakistan as Fatima Jinnah in every campaign of Pakistan with his brother, Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Furthermore, women sold their ornaments to support financially the dream of Pakistan. So, one can say that women show the positive face of the nation to the whole world. They gave a great message, on Independence Day, to Pakistan that they were the strong foundation at that time.

Independence day casts a light on the message of martyrs:

The day of Independence will never forget the sacrifices of forefathers. And the hidden meaning behind that sacrifice. Their blood in this soil recalls a significant message to this nation that goals play an important role in the life of every nation. Life is nothing in front of aims. Many Muslims of the subcontinent happily sacrificed their lives. During migration, a lot of people were brutally killed. But they never compromise with their ambitions. Moreover, the stairs of success demand everything related to their money, family, and life. They gave each and everything in the way of success. In this way, the nostalgia of the martyrs portrays that personal benefits are useless. The progress and prosperity of a nation are crucial. In short, the souls of martyrs remind their message on Independence Day. Every Muslim celebrate this day all over Pakistan. Because this day all, Pakistani peoples feel the freedom.


The day of independence recalls the inequality and unjust behavior of the British Raj. This independence day has given a message important that equality plays a crucial role in every walk of a nation’s survival. Although, the Muslims of the subcontinent faced hardships as they were even unaware of the meaning of freedom. Moreover, they did not know their basics human rights. They were living like the life of animals. Furthermore, their voices and their identity crushed into pieces. So, this focuses on the importance of freedom and equality. It is equality that is responsible for the progress of the country. It is a message that independence day reminds. Therefore separate wants all peoples when we are living there live fear-free country. When all Muslims had a tough time and successfully achieved separate nations. Nowadays, we are all Muslims remind of all days of the past. 14th August 1947 achieved Pakistan.



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