womens longline sports bra

womens longline sports bra

a long-line bandeau could be a bra that has material extending below the cup and band, covering the higher trunk and ending around the belly button or waistline.

Supported by the standard attractiveness of this bra, the long line vogue bra is understood for each its torso slimming.

smoothing skills and also its excellent support for full patterned or curvy ladies.

to actually dive into what a long line bra is, let’s begin with its starting within the intimate apparel fashion scene.

then take you to the present day. We’ll justify the distinction between similar choices as well as helpful tips for carrying one, particularly if it’s your initial time wearing a bandeau!

However, modern-day twists on this unaltered classic have updated its attractiveness for a way larger breadth of body shapes and bust sizes.

A good-fitting sports bra minimizes breast movement, prevents excessive bouncing, and doesn’t distract you from following your favorite activity. However, a bra that doesn’t match well may be a drag it can result in soreness, chafing, pain, or perhaps soft tissue damage. For a few women, such pain or discomfort also can be a real barrier to exercising.

Sports bra fitting isn’t a certain science; however, we’ll provide you with recommendations.

on a way to find the proper sports bandeau for your size and activity. as a result bra filler is inconsistent across brands with no universal standard or confirmation.

you are trying on many brands, sizes {and vogues and designs} during a store till you discover the one that feels right for you.

The core of the Longline

The extraordinary sorts of the 80s and 90s welcome back the long-line bra style with open arms! Intimate apparel such as off-the-peg and full-figure chests were back in style, not to mention the improbably picture wedding of Madonna and also the Jean Paul Gautier cone bandeau.

Who may ever forget that fashion statement?! The setup of fashion swinging back in favor of over-exaggerated curves and amped-up oomph sealed.

the manner for the long-line bra vogue to form its comeback.

In fact, the long-line style bra is currently hotter than ever as it’s the right marriage.

vintage style and current intimate apparel trends!

As we tend to see within the 80s, current fashion trends have shifted back towards lingerie as statement fashion pieces. Similarly, this has pushed the envelope for intimate apparel designers to adapt, reimagining new variations on classic styles.

Posture gets a lift

Additionally to additional support, a long line brassiere can do wonders for your posture. Since these bras generally extend down the waist and to the hip, they’ll assist you to stand a touch taller. With higher breast support and stronger equipment, it’ll be easier for you to carry.

the remainder of your body within the proper position.

Waist Shaping

Since this style is over simply the everyday bra, the proper long-line bra can act as a waist-shaper. They have a tendency to possess a lot of panels, and, betting on the fabric and style, you’ll be able to select some additional control.

Not solely can it provide you with a sander shape, but it may also offer you one! They act as lightweight shapewear, and if you’re searching for an efficient style, it’s straightforward.

thanks to paying attention to any areas you’ll feel insecure about.


The simplest reason to select a long-line brassiere is that practicality. The look is great for special occasions, they need higher construction than a typical strapless.

and you can wear it beneath something for a streamlined look. Plus, since the design has become even a lot of in style these days, you’ll be able to realize a long-line brassiere that matches. They’re simple, supportive, and sexy. There are even long-line sports bras!


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